15 Best Free Wireframing Tools for Mobile Apps in 2022

Wireframing tools are indispensable assets for developers, enhancing efficiency and preventing errors.

How do you choose the best free wireframing tool? Let’s explore some top options for 2022:

1. Cacoo

An online software offering a range of features for designing mobile app wireframes. It’s ideal for developers seeking to expand their ideas and collaborate in real-time. However, the free plan limits project exporting to PNG format.

2. Adobe XD

A versatile tool with features for Android and iPhone wireframing. It enables easy replication of characteristics, responsive content orientation, and seamless team collaboration.

3. JustinMind

Offering both free and premium plans, JustinMind provides UI kits and wireframing tools for designing lifelike, interactive prototypes for iOS and Android.

4. Axure

A multipurpose tool for creating flowcharts, wireframes, and prototypes for iOS, Android, and web. It supports collaboration, annotation, and code export functionality.

5. Frame Box

A simple yet effective wireframing design tool, ideal for developers prioritizing simplicity in their mockups.

6. MockPlus

Widely preferred among app developers, MockPlus offers drag-and-drop elements and over 200 components for creating interactive designs for both UI and UX.

7. Wireframe.cc

A minimalist web-based tool for wireframing, offering basic functionality with drag-and-drop elements and sharing options.

8. MockFlow

A feature-rich wireframing tool with preset buttons, images, and pre-made templates, facilitating collaboration and easy sharing.

9. InVision

A comprehensive wireframing, prototyping, and mockup tool, ideal for individual designers and design teams.

10. Pencil Project

An open-source wireframing tool with numerous designs and features, continually updated by the developer community.

When it comes to wireframing tools, the best choice depends on your project requirements, workflow, and personal preference. Share your ideas with our developers, and we’ll help bring your vision to life.

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